Welcome to JoVan – the Dutch Baker!

25 different types of bread

We are baking healthy and delicious bread and pastry in a traditional Dutch way for your delight. The instance you enter our shop, your nose will be pleased with the delicious smell of freshly baked bread. Our sales ladies will serve you with a smile and our wide range of products are guaranteed to satisfy your everyday appetite!

What we offer


With more than 25 different types of delicious bread, we offer you a very varied range of healthy products, made with the purest ingredients. Baked in a traditional Dutch way, with an aromatic soft inside and a crispy crust, especially for you!


Besides bread, we offer you a very varied range of tasty pastry. We are the only ones who are baking these delicious snacks for you, you will not find these anywhere else in Sofia!

To name a few:

Vanilla pastry with fresh fruit, sweet croissants with Belgian chocolate, croissants rustic, with sunflower seeds, oat flakes and blueberries and of course traditional Dutch apples pie. All of these are equally delicious and… make your mouth water.


Among other flavorsome products, we are specialized in making sourdough bread, Bulgarian kozunak, traditional Dutch apple pie and much more delicious cakes and cookies. After all, the English word for cookie, comes from the Dutch word koekje!

Why is our bread tastier and healthier?

  • 20% less salt
  • E-number free
  • No improvers
  • Baked on the spot
  • High quality ingredients

Five reasons to choose bread from JoVan

  • With more than 25 types of bread, there is always lots of choice
  • Bread is always fresh, often still warm from the oven
  • It is real bread, you can taste the difference
  • It can be sliced on the spot
  • Imported ingredients from West of Europe

Client comments

  • Mmmm, often something new
  • Tasty bread and not overpriced
  • Everything you see there, they make it on the spot, incredibly
  • Which bakery bakes till 20:00 fresh bread? At Jovan’s :-))
  • Congratulations! There are many bakeries in the city, but Jovan is the best
  • Super Bakery! I do not know how they do it, but it’s always fresh and there is always plenty of choice.

Thank you for visiting our website!

Our stores are open Monday to Saturday and closed on Sundays.