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the Dutch Bakery


the Dutch Bakery

In the heart of Sofia there is one place where traditional bread has been baked since 1937. Today Jovan the Dutch bakery, brings this beautiful tradition of the baker's craft close to residents of Sofia. A magical place where you can relive the purity of real bread.

In addition to over 25 different types of freshly baked bread, you can also find Italian limoncello cake with spelled, Dutch apple pie and of course the traditional Bulgarian Easter bread.

Our bread is like good wine and prepared according to the old traditions. The process of maturing in combination with the correct baking method results in a bread full of aroma. The method we use guarantees a truly healthy and delicious bread every day. 

Each of the 25 types of bread has its own specific characteristics and taste. No matter what you choose - white or black, diet bread, sourdough or traditional Bulgarian bread - you will get a real taste of pleasure. Our bread is made without any additives and with minimal salt.

JoVan The Dutch Bakery is where you can find not only incredibly delicious bread, but also a huge variety of salty and sweet snacks, such as croissants, crunchy baked sunflower sticks and various butter banitsas. Among our products stands out desserts such as our chocolate or fresh fruit croissants, our amazing Brownies or our Charpantier cake with carrots, cinnamon and walnuts.

In the cozy atmosphere of JoVan The Dutch Bakery you will be served with a good attitude and a smile. And of course you will receive suggestions and advices tailored to your wishes and needs. In addition to the many types of bread and snacks, be sure to ask about our banana bread, seasonal cakes with for example strawberries, pumpkin or plums and many more delicious desserts. All these dainties  makes us a favorite place for thousands of Sofia residents over the last 15 years.

You can find our bakeries at 37 Angel Kanchev Street, 1 Hristo Belchev Street, or simply follow the tempting and unique aroma of freshly baked bread.