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Our Story


Born with a passion

I was only seven years old when my father asked me to prepare our bread together at home. My dad put a stool in front of the table so that I could reach the top of it. I remember the first touch of the dough, it stuck to my hands, the little miracle of rising and the typical smell of it. I couldn't wait for the moment when the bread comes out of the oven.

The whole kitchen was filled with the incredible aroma of delicious homemade bread. We ate thick slices of warm crispy bread, with butter and sugar. This was the moment I realized,    I wanted to be a baker. Мy passion was born and from that moment bread became my mission for life. 

During the years my father understood my passion for the bakery craft and spoke to the baker in our village. On a cold early winter morning I went by bike to the local bakery, I was just ten years old. I remember my first moments in the bakery like it was yesterday - with my little hands in the dough, the heat of the huge oven and the miracle when the loaves came out of it. That was the moment my career as a baker started

After that everything went quickly. I was enthusiastic, filled with energy and with big interest. I wanted to learn everything about the beautiful baker's craft. I went to the bakery school where they teached me the basic principles of the craft.Years after, when I obtained my title Master Вaker, I wanted to continue, there was still so much to learn. 

And before I was 30 years old, I had already worked in over 10 different bakeries and from each one of them I gained different knowledge and skills. For me were revealed the secrets of French croissants, traditional German rolls and all kinds of cakes and pies. I learned about the Danish pastries, French baguette, Italian ciabatta, English scones and German sour bread and so on.

But I wanted more, I wasn't ready yet. The desire to have my own bakery grew over the years and I realized that I will need a different kind of knowledge for this. I learned everything in the field of accounting, marketing, product development, food safety and management.

I happened to be in Bulgaria by chance and the more I got to know this country during my travel, the more I realized that it would be my new home. Here I saw the possibility to fulfill my dream, my own bakery.I was in the right place, at the right time and the magic happened.  And here it is, the aroma of fresh baked bread has been spreading around the streets of Sofia since 2005 when the first Dutch bakery opens. 

This brings the residents of Sofia back to the time when bread was made by hand, with natural ingredients and with the taste from the old days. Bread as it should be.

Welcome to my bakery!