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JoVan's Easter bread

Happy Easter


JoVan the Dutch Bakery

In the heart of Sofia there is one place where traditional bread has been baked since 1937. Today Jovan the Dutch bakery, brings this beautiful tradition of the baker's craft close to residents of Sofia. A magical place where you can relive the purity of real bread. In addition to over 25 different types of freshly baked bread, you can also find Italian limoncello cake with spelled, Dutch apple pie and of course the traditional Bulgarian Easter bread.

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Who is JoVan?

Born with a passion

I was only seven years old when my father asked me to prepare our bread together at home. My dad put a stool in front of the table so that I could reach the top of it. I remember the first touch of the dough, it stuck to my hands, the little miracle of rising and the typical smell of it. I couldn't wait for the moment when the bread comes out of the oven.


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Jovan - Bakery


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